Large Paintings

The following works and information are to show the large artworks in progress and also the progress on smaller artworks, and hopefully the preparatory sketches, drawings, notes, and ideas that go into producing these works. Throughout my life, my art has taken me in many directions, but I have always been a great believer in knowing your “Trade” or “Profession” as well as you can, which involves a great many years of study and practise, and not just trying to justify all creative ideas as “Fine Art”- I believe all people either have, or are capable of, creativity, but not all people have the Craftsmanship Skills, the Technical Knowledge, or Experience to describe their work as “Fine Art’. I believe that most “Fine Art” should have all, or most, of the above criteria applied to it, whether you like it or not, and not be so subjective as to have to have copious literary or verbal justifications as to the merits of the work – if so, why not be a writer or an orator. I also believe that to aspire to be a “Professional Artist” an Artist should also be capable of performing commissions for Clients that are not always in their “Comfort Zone” or their “Favourite Subject Matter”, as this shows the true mettle and skill of that Artist. The great Old Masters had to do this many, many times, (Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling – “but I’m a Sculptor, not a Painter”). Having said all of the above, I hope you will enjoy the Journey with me and I will try to keep this site updated as much as possible.


No. 1 Size: 229.0 x 151.0 c.m. Medium: Oil on Belgian Linen
Title: Odyssey of a Country Girl – Colleen Hewett

Size: 168.0 x 112.0 c.m. Medium: Oil on Cotton Duck
Title: Gorgons’ Banquet – Beware Perseus, Medusa

Size: 180.0 x 120.0 c.m. Medium: Pastel on M.D.F. Board
Title: Interrupted Languor

Size: 120.0 x 90.0 c.m. Medium: Oil on Hardboard (when completed)
Title: Hunters’ Realm



Size: 112.0 x 84.0 c.m.
Medium: Oil on Cotton Duck
Title: Payment Demanded



Size: 120.0 x 90.0 c.m. Medium: Pastel on M.D.F. Board
Title: Quest of the Key