Pen & Ink Prints

All pen & ink prints are limited edition offset reproduced prints taken from the originals at the same size and printed via negatives and metal plates. The papers are either 180gms or 250gms “Chaucer” acid free papers and each one checked and personally numbered and countersigned.

Most prints are available in either a white or ivory background (as noted by the letter “W” or “I” after the limit number). Prints without a letter after the limit number are available in white background only.

The prints are from inked plates (not screens or digital imagery).

Postage and packaging is $10.00 AUD per order, whether singularly or multiple prints. If any prints have run out refund will be applied, or check first via email at -:

No discounts for large orders – sizes stated are our normal viewing size after matting and framing in our Gallery – actual print sizes unframed, are slightly larger, and in some cases, show more detail either side of the images shown, as we standardize our framing to 3 sizes only.

The prints are the exact size of the originals (all sold).

Copyright remains with the artist Laurie McMurray and McMurray Galleries, and no images may be reproduced by any means whatsoever, without permission from the artist.