Gallery 1

Unfortunately, I have been very lax at recording most of my past commissions and all except one ("Ross"), have had to be scanned from old film photos (often not very good) to my computer.

These are only a few, as I have done many more portraits over the years and many nudeworks which are for Private Collections, with hundreds of  "fine art" style pen and ink works and approximately 1000 "graphic art" style pen and ink works for Real Estate Agents, Advertising Agents, Architectural Presentations, plus object and equipment pictorials.

Many pen and ink cartoons and caricatures have also been commissioned in a style similar to that as shown on the book cover, for Bands, Birthdays, Businesses,etc., and Personal Collections.  

Over the years I have also executed 100's of "on the spot" felt-tip marker-pen (in black and white and colour) cartoons of many people, both male and female from "6-60".  

I may be able to add some to this site at a later date."