No. 1. Graphite (pencil) drawings are some of those that
I did while at College in my first year in 1967.

28.0cm.x 19.0cm









No. 2. This was a poster I designed for an Art Show conducted by the Sandringham Apex Service Club when I was President and Art Show Convener in 1978.


No. 3. This was an unusual Commission – a client wanted a Pen & Ink drawing exactly as she had on a painted (printed) tea-towel – an interesting challenge! – she loved it. 1983.


No. 4. This was a page from a brochure that I had designed and printed refering to my Art Philosophy when I was developing a 43 acre property on the “Axe Creek” near Axedale (near Bendigo) which I called the “Axedale Art and Environmental Park” in about 1994 – 95.


No. 5. This was a large Cartoon Poster that I created for a Band called “Bucketsoup” in the late 1990’s and they all signed a copy for me. I often used the pseudonym “Macka” when doing Cartoons and Caricatures.


No. 6. This was a Cartoon book cover that I was commissioned to do for the “Australian Children’s Literary Board” (Foundation Patron – Mr. Don Burke ). 1999. NOTE: Regarding commissioned works, especially those that have been put into print and in a pen & ink format, there are too many to add to this site, but include clients such as Lysaght Australia, Sacred Heart Church Sandringham, St. James the Less Church Mt. Eliza, Mount Alvernia Hospital Bendigo, etc., and aprox. 50 Real Estate Agents with pen & ink drawings of houses in the Real Estate section of the Melbourne and Regional Daily newspapers (aprox. 1000 ).



The price of the prize
Unknown size

Unknown size

Mixed Media

Tiger Snake
120.0cm.x 60.0cm

120.0cm.x 60.0cm


28.0cm.x 35.0cm

33.0cm.x 41.0cm


25.0cm.x 35.0cm